What is PANGenius®

It is an ultra-efficient digital assistant that can be aimed at internal users of a company or external users (e.g. customers). PANGenius® will learn everything about your manuals, product catalogues, documents or databases by “absorbing” their contents. Ask him anything: he knows exactly where to find the answers and will present them clearly to you in text format, mathematical formulas and graphs. It’s like having a super interactive encyclopedia always ready to support you in a few seconds, optimizing time and resources.

We introduce to you PiGi

PiGi is our “virtual mascot” who will accompany you on the incredible journey to discover artificial intelligence.

The main Generative AI systems on the market have powerful features limited to individual use. In particular, there are limits in the size of documents to upload and the amount of data to query. PANGenius® is a system that interacts with these models, exploits their potential and allows them to overcome their limitations, allowing extended use more suitable for companies. PANGenius® also has an “intelligent assistant” that can be integrated with websites and e-commerce portals.

What is it connected to?

Who is it intended for?

manufacturing industry

lawyers, TRUSTEES, finance

Large-scale distribution and retail

Public administration



PANGenius® & RPA

PANGenius® can be integrated into a Robotic Process Automation (RPA) project to automate repetitive operational and administrative tasks.

In this way it is possible to have greater precision and speed of execution, allowing operators to concentrate on higher value activities.

Case Study

Sales Area

Our PANGenius® software allows you to revolutionize the way to access information by the sales force through natural language queries of item catalogues, product sheets, offer documents and management systems.

Sales people can reduce significantly the time necessary to find information, check stocks, anticipate upcoming arrivals, prepare estimates permitting to streamline commercial processes.

Customers can use a self-service search tool to quickly find the information they need, enhancing their shopping experience.

Case Study


PANGenius® offers users the ability to perform natural language queries on production data originating from MES systems.

This functionality allows you to explore detailed or aggregate information on specific jobs or products.

Additionally, PANGenius® facilitates the generation of analytical graphs, improving the understanding and interpretation of information to support data-driven business decisions.

Case Study

Consultancy services

PANGenius® allows to optimize the process data extraction for one of our clients, which previously manually analyzed a large number of documents and press releases.

Through PANGenius®, we have automated the extraction of data from texts, their storage in a database and the generation of relevant reporting.

This automation has not only reduced time of processing and minimized errors but also allowed resources to be reallocated to tasks with greater added value.

Case Study


Our solution, PANGenius®, has been implemented in the knowledge base (made up of thousands of documents) of a renowned professional firm.

Thanks to it, internal users now have access to an advanced natural language search system to quickly locate documents of interest.

The system also offers generative functionality to prepare customer responses, create draft documents and presentations.

This innovation allows us to enhance the firm’s information assets and improve the efficiency of all those processes that require a timely response.

Case Study


PANGenius can be used as a system for searching and analyzing documents such as management decisions documents.

The analysis can be carried out on a large number of documents and allows you to carry out numerical queries, aggregation/comparison of values ​​and generation of graphs.

Our focus is to allow

  • Identification of the best Generative AI based on customer needs

  • Interaction with models to their fullest potential

  • Creation of custom interfaces

  • Integration with existing company processes

  • The automation of generative AI

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