What is

AI4HR is an application of Artificial Intelligence dedicated to the Human resources world and can be integrated with external systems such as Applicant Tracking System (ATS), ERP systems or HR software, also using API it can be integrated with Linkedin and with recruiting portals.

How is it made

AI4HR artificial intelligence modules structure

Campaign module:

  • Campaign manager
  • Screening CV
  • Quantification of the real candidate experience
  • Ranking
  • Survey module:

Technical surveys analysis
Psycho-aptitude questionnaires analysis

Who is it for?

Recruiting, Body Rental, Consulting

Our AI4HR solution is aimed at companies that deal with recruiting, organizations that deal with body rental in the Information Technology sector, HR divisions of large companies in the GDO, Retail, Consulting sectors.

HR Trend

Many experts agree that in the coming years the workload for recruiters will increase exponentially.

On the other hand, the size of the recruiting teams will not grow proportionally and, on the contrary, they will remain the same size or may suffer contractions.


Among the HR activities that require more manual work is the manual selection of CVs.


88% candidates not suitable for the position
23 h. time for every single recruiter’s research
250 applications received for a single job offering

Less routine, more strategy

Artificial intelligence automates repetitive tasks and / or large amounts of data:

  • Automatically extract data from CVs through NLP (AI understands human language and draws information from it)
  • Optimize the search for candidates through semantic analysis (AI understands the topic being talked about, goes back to the concept and not just to simple keywords)
  • Grouping candidates (through clustering the AI ​​understands and shows what the relationships between candidates are and assigns them to homogeneous areas)

… and these are only few of the activities.

Time to Hire

Among the HR activities that require more manual work is the manual selection of CVs.

  • CV screening time reduction
  • Automated collection of CV’s to be implemented in DB’s
  • Relevant information collection for the selection (extra CV)
  • Information on personality and behaviour

Campaign managing

Creation, Speech to Text and Parameters

Campaign creation through the insertion of job description, announcement and offer parameters.

Ability to insert job description and offer dictating them, using speech-to-text utilities.

Definition of the minimum match threshold for passing the screening phase of the CV and the number of candidates for the creation of the short list.


Each candidate has a dashboard from where it is possible to manage the entire selection process consisting of 4 sections:

  • General information
  • CV
  • Test
  • Interview

Screening CV

Once the CV is received, it is analyzed and the information extracted is displayed through radar charts and graphs.

The AI ​​layer assigns a ranking related to the correspondence of the CV with the job description.

Based on the parameters defined during the campaign creation phase, the system is able to automatically define whether the candidate has passed or failed in this phase.


All the texts submitted to the candidate are displayed with information relating to them through tables and graphics.

The AI ​​layer is able to assign a ranking and automatically define whether or not the test phase is passed.

At the end of this phase, the system extracts the short list.