Products and solutions developed

Artificial Intelligence products designed to integrate BI and AI and offer solutions in an evolving landscape.

Custom projects

Project, Consultancy and Method

From small businesses to multinationals we offer consultancy and a rigorous approach that guarantee an Artificial Intelligence project tailor-made for your business.


AI technology and research

We continuously analyze and search for the best solutions to offer to customers to improve performance and reduce costs.

Case Study

Successful projects for different sectors

The applications of Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning are many and all different based on business experiences.

Generative AI

Content generation

Generative artificial intelligence (or generative AI or GenAI) is a type of artificial intelligence that is capable of generating text, images, videos, music or other media in response to requests called prompts.

Where to apply Artificial Intelligence?

Large-scale distribution and retail

Public administration


About us

ATG Artificial Intelligence

ATG AI is the division of Anzani Group, specialized in the innovative field of Artificial Intelligence, with already several active projects in different markets: Business, Financial, Industry 4.0, HR/Recruiting and Security. Our AI expertise is divided into three areas: Data, Images, Text and Generative AI.

Companies of the ATG Group