ANALYZE, UNDERSTAND AND PREDICT STRATEGIES FOR YOUR BUSINESS. Determines the effect that the different customer interaction policies have had in terms of collections, loyalty expenses, sensitivity to external factors and more. It is able to show hypothetical scenarios that would have occurred with different decisions and has demonstrated excellent forecasting capabilities in

  • PANGenius®

    PANGenius® is our software supported by Generative AI. Is a digital ultra-efficient assistant. PANGenius® will learn everything about your manuals, catalogs, products, documents or database learning their contents. Ask him anything: he knows exactly where to find the answers and will present them clearly to you in text format, mathematical formulas and

  • AI4HR

    What is AI4HR is an application of Artificial Intelligence dedicated to the Human resources world and can be integrated with external systems such as Applicant Tracking System (ATS), ERP systems or HR software, also using API it can be integrated with Linkedin and with recruiting portals. How is

  • Smart Company

    What is SmartCompany is a framework that allows to introduce easily AI utilities in data processing. It can be integrated with most CRM, ERP, dashboarding systems and RPA systems. Approach The approach is Data Driven = the data guide the development = the results describe the real