The importance of data produced by companies is growing more and more thanks to the benefits that analysis brings to business processes.

There is a growing need for a deep understanding of information in order to obtain useful predictions and make better decisions in anticipation of competition.

To solve this needs, increasingly complex and accurate predictive analysis systems are being developed.

Predictive analysis includes a variety of statistical techniques in data modelling, in automatic learning and in data mining that analyses historical facts -more or less recent- and gives forecasts on events and future scenario, by exploiting relationships among data that won’t be visible in normal data analysis.

In the most useful applications, we find:

  • Customer care side: analysis connected to customers, like forecast on the capability to attract new clients or to lose new customers.
  • In business management: the possibility to predict revenues, funnel or forecast scenario, for example.
  • In management control it is possible to predict the request of products and as a consequence to structure the supply of raw materials and plan production.
  • Marketing can benefit from predictive analysis to create more efficient campaigns, establishing contents, target and channels to promote a product.
  • Industrial production uses predictive analysis techniques to program more efficiently the maintenance of machinery or to predict the defectiveness of a product.

These new information, connected to those extracted and collected in time, for example through business intelligence techniques, allows a bigger and more complete vision, and also improve their risk profile, because they give the possibility to take decisions by having, not only the information that give collected data until today, but also a future forecast.

All these techniques are not only applicable to big companies but they can be used and applied to SMEs too, and to every market section. In fact, thanks to their scalability and personalization, they result to be a valid instrument to support any business reality.

Predictive analysis is among the biggest activity of ATG Artificial Intelligence Division: following the last elaborations, data tell us that more and more companies are deciding to use these models to take better and surer decisions for their business.

And you? You haven’t integrated into business decisions this kind of analysis?

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