The amount of data produced by a company has little meaning if you stop at their static representation and do not draw from them useful information to determine strategies for business improvement.

In this field, artificial intelligence discharges all its potential to the ground, which consists in being able to examine masses of data which, by volume and variety, would not be approachable, in a reasonable time, by a human being. From this point of view artificial intelligence is an instrument that raises the human resource from the mere workload to allow it to focus on areas where its creativity makes the difference.

Artificial intelligence has the peculiarity of not relying on pre-built algorithms (that matches to “my” idea of how should evolve a phenomenon) but to examine the reality represented by data, without introducing simplifications. What one discovers is that the interesting part are not data themselves, but the relationship between them, that is then transformed in information.

For this reason, A.I. has its natural field of application in all those areas where the complexity of the reality is important: recently ATG has measured itself with projects related to financial market surveillance, national security through border control, computer vision or natural language processing.

We are not afraid to measure ourselves with any ambit, because we are conscious of our preparation in the A.I. area and we are equally aware that only each of our customers knows his business in depth: together we build the winning team.

Although the solutions are absolutely tailored to the real needs of the customer, the methodology we put in place is widely consolidated:

  • We analyze company processes and its specific needs
  • We build a faithful and representative mathematical model of the problem to be solved
  • We look in the company data assets those necessary to solve the set model
  • We build and train a neural network system to process data and turn it into information
  • We help the company to interpret the results in order to extract all the possible value.


In this context, is to debunk the myth that A.I. solutions are accessible exclusively at level corporate: the projects are tailored to the actual needs of the customer and perfectly integrated into the company systems, so they represent a very high added value, compared to investments that can be modulated in size and time.

Us of ATG Artificial Intelligence Division do not only create the tailored solution for you, but we support you in the preparation and integration of A.I. systems in a correct and effective way through continuous comparison and support.

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