ATG – Anzani Group is a professional consultancy company that has been operating for more than 25 years on the Italian and international territory bringing solutions in order to interpret business data through Business Intelligence techniques.

Each company produces continuously big amounts of data in various shapes and different formats, that are often neglected or used in an inappropriate manner.
The ability to use the data and its analysis are nowadays essential elements for the correct management of the company.

Management systems, social networks and CRM for example, let often to dispose of a big amount of data, but how to use them properly?

ATG – Anzani Group is a partner for all the companies that want to use these data in order to have useful information for the management of business processes, by analyzing the company in all its aspects and needs, by using business intelligence techniques in order to organize them in an organic manner and make them available for the management support.

Through this process data aren’t just an infinite list of numbers and words but are transformed in knowledge, allowing you to use it for daily decisions, satisfy your doubts and understand what new business strategies to implement.

Yet it’s not always enough to organize and manipulate data in order to extract as much information as possible, and it is here that artificial intelligence shows its full potential: artificial intelligence allows us to examine the reality that the data represent, highlighting relationships between them and transforming them into further information.

Strong of this experience, Anzani Group has decided to open a new division, ATG – Artificial Intelligence Division, with the purpose to propose not only a reorganization and visualization of consolidated data until a specific moment of a company, but also to give the possibility to analyze them in order to understand how they can evolve in future and from this extract sure and exhaustive information in order to take better decisions regarding the company business.

ATG – Artificial Intelligence Division is composed by a team specialized in the most innovative techniques of artificial intelligence and machine learning in order to find the best and customized solution for clients.

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