The technological development always had a great impact on marketing by changing its approaches and objectives.

Just think of the impact of the birth of radio or TV, up to the daily use of the internet and social networks.

As a result, it is normal for the development of artificial intelligence technologies to impact people’s interaction with brands and their services or products.

From this connection between marketing and technology, Artificial Intelligence Marketing is born and we can define it as the group of all the techniques and instruments that allow to create focused marketing strategies based on customer behavior.

Particularly Artificial Intelligence marketing is divided in 3 fundamental steps:

  • To collect: it consists in creating a database with the information on consumers and possible clients found online and offline;
  • To reason: in this phase data are collected and transformed in information, on which we can do several analyses
  • To act: through the analysis of the previous phase, we can do some actions in order to influence possible clients or retain those existing. This phase can be done by machines through unsupervised A.I. model.

Thanks to this technique is it possible to develop communication strategies addressed to a big public without losing the personalization of the message that you want to transmit and acting on the single user preferences and characteristics.

Artificial Intelligence Marketing can be applied in order to personalize email marketing campaigns, by identifying the frequency, hours and days where it is better to send the email, but not only: machine learning allows to comprehend the most interesting content for each single user.

Moreover, these techniques can be used to create posts on social network automatically, through analyses done on collected data in the database.
In this case, we use algorithms based on the natural language processing (NLP).

Another application of NLP in marketing is chatbot, this one is a conversational system able to hold conversations in colloquial language and allows to give clients 24/7 assistance, by improving customer care but also the probability to gain new clients.

A.I. helps also lead ranking and lead scoring, in fact thanks to predictive analysis is it possible to segment clients in a more precise way: this allows the company to concentrate on lead with more possibilities of conversion.

All these techniques allow companies to carry out performing marketing strategies and to have more satisfied customers. They help to take important decisions and save time in order to concentrate on activities where creativity and knowledge of the people is really important and foundamental.

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