When a company sees the potential of Artificial Intelligence and realizes the advantages that the integration of one of these systems could bring often remains amazed.

But this astonishment is often accompanied by the fear of not knowing how to integrate an AI project in their own and particular company reality.

For this reason, ATG – Artificial Intelligence Division, thanks to the experience gained through years in projects both for big and SMEs, has been able to define an efficient and effective method to integrate the most varied artificial intelligence solutions in any company.

ATG method is composed by 5 steps:

  1. ANALYSIS: the first goal is to understand the processes of a company, by analyzing the specific needs of a business reality and finding where artificial intelligence could be applied in a useful and functional manner.
  2. MODEL: this step consists in building a mathematical and faithful representation of the problem to be solved.
  3. DATA COLLECTION: we search in all business data sources those that are necessary to solve the model set in the previous step. In the case in which the company is deficient from the point of view of storage of the data, it can be opted also for the integration of a system of business intelligence so as to reorganize the business data and make them usable for the system of AI;
  4. NETWORK: this phase consists in developing and training an artificial intelligence system based on neural nets so data are processed and transformed in information:
  5. INTERPRETATION: consists in interpreting results given by the neural net so that they could be transformed in information that the business reality can use, for example, to take decisions connected to business. This last phase is fundamental because it allows to use all the potential of the AI solution created.
    In fact, if it is not given the right importance, you risk not to exploit all the potential of the information found.

Moreover, after these 5 steps, ATG – Artificial Intelligence Division, is able to integrate artificial intelligence solutions in business software or to create web-based platforms, in order to make usable the service created in an easy and intuitive way.

When one wants to integrate an AI solution in its own business, not only is the development of the solution in itself is important, but the approach with which it is developed and integrated in its business processes is also of fundamental importance.